👩‍💻 Platform Engineer

🏡Working remotely @WeTransfer

📍Amsterdam, Netherlands

🎧Currently listening to - check my spotify

<aside> 👋 Hi, my name is Isabella. I'm a platform engineer.

I became a developer to help rescue puppies (no, really!) in 2015. Though, I built my first ever website in 2000 with just html and inline styles. It was an homage to Britney Spears and her lyrics (hey, I was only 10!). I vividly recall using fuchsia and aqua. I'm pretty sure my father purposefully didn't teach me how to host it - I'm relieved if somewhat disappointed.

My current role revolves heavily around kubernetes, terraform, Developer Experience tooling with Golang and stakeholder management.


👀 Contact/Stalk me

[email protected]

💻Github @isabellabrookes

📱Telegram @isabellabrookes

🐦Twitter @isabellabrookes

📷Instagram @isabellabrookes_ (yeah, I'm still salty about the underscore)

💼LinkedIn @isabellabrookes (please don't message me there 😅)

🦄 Interests

<aside> ✨ Dog 🐕 I'm currently the proud momma of a Border Collie cross named Koh. My dog is cooler than me.


<aside> ✨ Gaming 🎮 My current rotation is: Plate Up, Phasmophobia and Minecraft


<aside> ✨ Digital Illustrations ****🎨 I treated myself to an iPad Pro just for Procreate. I doodle in my spare time. ✏️


<aside> ✨ Real Crime Podcasts 🎤 I'm a Crime Junkie and I'm not afraid to admit it. Still not sure if I'm so obsessed with murder because I'm trying to work out how to get away with it or to prevent it from happening to me 🤷🏽‍♀️


<aside> ✨ Feminism & Anti-racism 👏🏽✊🏿 I'm a woman of color. I believe in equality for all. You should too 😊


<aside> ✨ Twitch & Discord 👾 ****I used to stream on twitch under my alter ego rawwwrs

My aim of being involved in the programming streaming community is to encourage (aspiring) developers to learn, grow and socialize, and I'm especially passionate about encouraging diversity and elevating the underrepresented 🧠


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